Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Tue Apr 19 03:49:41 PDT 2005

Jim Gifford wrote:
> Just a note about what is planned about the next release, and some
> concerns that have been raised. The development team is asking for
> community opinion.
> Testers will be approved by the LFS Development team 

I, for one, welcome the news that Ryan's cross-compilation method will
become mainstream.  Some thoughts though:

1) Some of us hate scripting builds - prefering to read the output as it
comes rather than pour over logs.  Even after many years of building LFS
by hand, I still do so.  So, this implies some means of reading the book
while building - remote is not an option for me as I build on just one
machine - and cut and paste if there are complex sed's to enter.

2) I hope that the method change doesn't delay the incorporation of new
package releases.

3) I know there is a head of steam building for non-x86-32
architectures, but we should also remember that lots of people enjoy the
use of old machines in the x86 series.  Most of mine are sub-gigahertz
pentiums.  One thing I like about the method is that it caters well for
this group.  Of course if someone were kind enough to donate a non-x86
machine for my use, I might change my mind...

Finally, a note about Ryan's scripts.  They are, no doubt, extremely
clever.  This is the problem.  I will not expend the energy to
understand someone elses complex script.  I will also not trust it to
build my systems - because I don't understand it.  I use LFS because the
method is explained in a book.  This, for me, it the everlasting appeal
of the LFS books series.  I can't yet find an explanation of Ryan's
method, the wiki just presents it, and the scripts hide it in complexity
that I'm not prepared to disect.  So you can't get a draft svn out fast
enough for me :-)

And I'll test it, but on my terms.  My distro my rules.


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