Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Apr 18 22:17:51 PDT 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

>My objection was to the comment that rebooting was mandatory.  If
>instructions are given to give the user a choice and to explain the pros
>and cons, I do not object.
As I mentioned, the WORST case scenario would be to provide a hints 
document outlining the process for using chroot when building for the 
same host, so that option will be guaranteed to be there.

>I would point out that most people think of a cross compile as changing
>architectures.  That really only happens once.  After the port to the
>new arctitecture, I think most would prefer to work in chroot
>environment.  I know I certainly would.
That depends on the speed of the machine.  On my PPC machine, which is 
slow as a dog in compiling, I'd honestly prefer to get as much as 
possible done on my faster x86_64 machine, just to save time.

>BTW, I will need to do this eventually.  My new box is an Intel 86_64
>arctitecture so I will want to build it as a 64 bit system.
I'm in the same boat.  I got an X86_64-class machine 3 weeks ago, and so 
far, I've been living with the Gentoo x86_64 system on it.  Since I knew 
it would probably at least be a month or more before the new build 
method is worked out, I've started trying to extract x86_64-specific 
build commands from Ryan's cross-lfs scripts.  Once I've got them 
extracted, I'll put them up as an interim thing so that the people with 
this arch, who right now really can't build LFS because of the oddness 
of that arch, will be able to get something.


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