Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Apr 18 21:14:18 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>Please, Jim, for me and I'm sure there are others that want to know
>the same thing, can you explain *in a technical manner* how the
>toolchain could be any "cleaner"?
A simple example will document this clearly.  Take building LFS on a 
Fedora core release.  In the past, we had issues with our chapter 5 
glibc build picking up the presence of SE-Linux in Fedora core 3, which 
caused the chapter 5 glibc to also enable SE-Linux.  But, once we got 
into chapter 6, it caused the glibc build to barf, because the headers 
for selinux were no longer present.  This build process completely 
eliminates that situation.  Anything that links to the host does NOT end 
up at all in the $LFS tree - the 2 packages which are linked to the host 
(cross-gcc and cross-binutils) are prefixed to the build user's home 



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