Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Apr 18 16:26:01 PDT 2005

Jim Gifford wrote these words on 04/18/05 18:10 CST:

>     There may be a simple resolution, since in the MIPS build and some 
> of the other architecture that don't have keyboards and mice, we had to 
> add SSL, and SSH. We could add them to the BOOK as core packages.

SSL/SSH != minimalistic

I realize your suggestion Jim is a concession to a serious drawback
in the new methodology, but just in the hour or so since you posted
you message, there been talk of adding SSS, SSL, Lynx and GPM to
core LFS (not all mentioned by you, Jim)

What's next?

May I propose keeping the 6.0 branch alive for folks that don't need
cross-build functionality (probably 90% of LFS builders). Sure, we
can make a 7.0 branch, but keep the 6.0 branch updated with packages
as well, I'm sure you'd be able to find many, many more folks willing
to test out 6.0-type builds, than cross-build techniques.

I think serious discussion on this list needs to take place before
the 6.0-methodology is dropped. Is this what everyone wants? I really
don't remember any discussion about this, until now.


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