Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

Jim Gifford lfs at
Mon Apr 18 14:25:35 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>Jim Gifford wrote these words on 04/18/05 16:03 CST:
>>Another issue will be after the tools are built we will be building a 
>>cross-compiled kernel, so we can boot into the architecture we are 
>>building for and complete the build process. There are a few pitfalls to 
>>    1 - All sources will also have to be copied over
>>         We can add this to our directions, so this could be a 
>>non-issue, but for those who download packages as
>>         you go it may be an issue.
>>    2 - No Web Browser
>>          You will no long be able to view web pages for the LFS BOOK. 
>>You will have a local copy or we
>>          can add into the directions to download a text copy of the book.
>Pitfall #3 - You no longer will be able to work from a nice cozy
>xterm window, with nice cut and paste ability. You will have to
>work from the system console, with no choice except to type
>everything in (or have previously created build scripts).
Yes, thanx Randy for that one. But copying and pasting is the a concern.

>All three of these would be serious drawbacks to the fun and
>enjoyment I get from LFS. For folks that build strictly on X86,
>wouldn't the old methodology still be available, just update the
>package revisions and build the way we currently are?
But for consistency, We would have the same build methods for all 

>I mean, using the new method versus the current method, you still
>end up with the same exact end product, right?
Actually, you get a cleaner toolchain, from my experience with this 
process and a much more minimal system if you so desire.

Thanks for you comments Randy

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