Planning for Cross-LFS/Multi-Architecture 7.x Release

Jim Gifford lfs at
Mon Apr 18 14:03:43 PDT 2005

Just a not about what is planned about the next release, and some 
concerns that have been raised. The development team is asking for 
community opinion.

For the 7.x release we are planning to release a cross compiled 
multi-architecture book. The build process will allow you to build for 
any architecture to any other architecture. So you will be able to build 
a PowerPC starter system on a Pentium 4 and vice versa.

This build process was developed by Ryan Oliver, he has successfully 
built the following architectures with this process
    PowerPC, X86_64(bi-arch), i686, i586, Sparc, and MIPS(o32 only, 
working on the tri-arch stuff).

There are several advantages to this build method over our current method.
    1 - We can build for any architecture, no more only x86
    2 - A cleaner build since we build all the tools we need

This means a major revision to the book, some things will have to 
change. One of those changes are to the chapters themselves. We will be 
adding a new chapter for creating the cross-compiled tools to achieve 
this goal.

We will no longer be doing a chroot, since we are going to be booting 
into a working Linux with enough tools to build what we need, this could 
be a plus for those who want a more minimal system and an easy way to 
get rid of the tools directory.

Another issue will be after the tools are built we will be building a 
cross-compiled kernel, so we can boot into the architecture we are 
building for and complete the build process. There are a few pitfalls to 
    1 - All sources will also have to be copied over
         We can add this to our directions, so this could be a 
non-issue, but for those who download packages as
         you go it may be an issue.
    2 - No Web Browser
          You will no long be able to view web pages for the LFS BOOK. 
You will have a local copy or we
          can add into the directions to download a text copy of the book.

Any comments or suggestions for the browser issue will be welcomed. You 
can expect a draft of the cross-lfs book to be available as soon as 
testing is completed. Individuals interested in testing this method are 
encouraged to contact me via this list stating that you are volunteering 
for the test cycle when it is available.

Requisites for being a tester are the following:
    Experience build LFS 5.x or greater
    Having a spare machine to test, (don't want to ruin any production 
or critical systems), since things can happen
    Type or architecture your interested in building for (no restrictions)
    Testers will be approved by the LFS Development team
Testing is expected to start in the next 4 to 6 weeks, depending on 
issues that arise during the alpha phase.

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