gcc-4.0 branch created

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Sun Apr 17 10:08:33 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Absolutely no changes are permitted on this branch that aren't 
> directly related to the gcc-4.0 release.  No backports of trunk fixes, 
> no stylesheet fixups (sorry Manuel :) ), etc.  The only things that I 
> anticpate hitting this branch are dumpspecs stuff and patches for 
> packages that aren't gcc-4.0 ready yet.

Then what good, may I ask, is this having this branch, if the rest of 
the packages are not kept current to the book?  Seems to me like it's a 
waste of a branch if it's not going to be kept up to date until gcc 4 
makes it into our mainline book.


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