Ready for gcc-4 & cleaning up binutils source delete or not.

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sat Apr 16 13:38:14 PDT 2005

TheOldFellow wrote:

> Actually, since you ask, 35 years ago I had such fun with a teletype,
> Dartmouth College Basic (I still have the manual) and a time-sharing
> mainframe (Kent On-Line System), that I joined the industry.  

On-Line System?  Wow.  I would have given a lot for that capability in
1965.  Punch cards were the only thing available.  No disk--no tty.  Did
you ever have to punch cards in binary?  You younger guys had it easy.

Oh, and FORTRAN was the only high level language.  Nore: That's *not*

  -- Bruce

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