Ready for gcc-4 & cleaning up binutils source delete or not.

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Sat Apr 16 12:12:53 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Once I'm done with the remaining 6.1 issues I'll set up a branch for
> this so we can get this dealt with.  I still don't think there's any
> particular rush though, seeing as though they've still got an RC2 to
> release, then the real release, and getting upstream devs aware of their
> respective patches.
> Regards,
> Matt.

I disagree - there is a real reason to rush.  Once gcc-4 hits town next
week people will start building LFS with it, you know they will, even if
you tell them not to.  There is a real opportunity to have LFS ready for
this.  Or at least to have an unstable branch that supports it.

I had no difficulty building a reasonably stable gcc-4/glibc-2.3.5
system that carried BLFS with just a few patches all the way up to a
gnome build (with a few oddities in gnome, I admit, but that's usual
with my gnome builds) plus the Mozilla family too. Knowing this, and the
fact that Greg's build works, people will try it.  I'd prefer to have
the educational material ready, Greg's group are definitely for the
clever bunch but he would really like to see some of his ideas taken up
here - educational material is not his forte (I think he would be the
first to admit that).

But it's your call, Matt.  It don't bother me much either way.

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