Ready for gcc-4 & cleaning up binutils source delete or not.

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Sat Apr 16 12:00:40 PDT 2005

Andrew Fyfe wrote:
> If your going to reference Greg's work at least include a link to the
> full documentation (, it
> includes comments explaining the reasons for the various choices Greg
> has made for doing things certain ways. He also has a page on the web
> site ( which outlines what needs to
> be done to use gcc4 and the current issues regrading the use of gcc4.
> From
> Andrew Fyfe

Fair comment.  My earlier posts in LFS-Support in reply to an OP who was
interested in gcc-4 had the links in.  But thanks for repeating them.
I'm attempting to stimulate some interest in moving LFS forwards.

I thing Greg's work deserves close examination - on more than the gcc-4
front.  And it does work.

Another good way to find out the reasoning behind his choices is to look
at the diy-linux-dev archives - very educational.


P.S. s/your/you're/  if you mean 'you are' and not the posessive particle.

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