Ready for gcc-4 & cleaning up binutils source delete or not.

Andrew Fyfe a.fyfe at
Sat Apr 16 11:12:57 PDT 2005

Joel Miller wrote:
>> sed -i.bak \
>>     -e 's,\./fixinc\.sh,-c true,' \
>>     -e '/^LIBGCC2_DEBUG/d' gcc/
> Then again, the above sed looks more like the fixincludes patch as I 
> think it prevents the fixincludes process from running.

Greg chose to replace the simple patches like the fixincludes patch with 
>> # Man-Pages
>> #---------------
>> rm -fv man1/{chgrp,chmod,chown,cp,dd,df,diff,dir,dircolors,du}.1
>> rm -fv man1/{install,ln,ls,mkdir,mkfifo,mknod,mv,rm,rmdir,touch,vdir}.1
>> rm -fv man3/getspnam.3 man5/passwd.5
> Interesting approach. Rather than install the man-pages and have them 
> subsequently overwritten, simply prevent the man-pages versions from 
> ever being installed. I personally disagree, and use the man-pages 
> versions of the documents rather than the man pages provided by the 
> specific packages, but seeing as the book does the opposite this is 
> something the editors may want to consider even though it doesn't do 
> much to change the end result.

> <snip>
>> # Glibc-2.3.X
>> #------------
> <snip>
>> CFLAGS="-O3 -march=i686 -pipe" ../glibc-2.3.*/configure \
> There is likely a reason that Greg decides to use different CFLAGS for 
> glibc then for all the other packages. We need an explanation for this 
> if we do it in the book. Of course, the book has been advocating the 
> build of glibc without CFLAGS for a while now, which further begs an 
> explanation. I personally think it's still a throwback from when 
> linuxthreads would bomb if you set CFLAGS. I personally have built glibc 
> many times with "-O2 -march=pentium4 -mmmx -msse -msse2 -mfpmath=sse 
> -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe" without issues. The -mfpmath=sse creates 
> issues with the math tests, but it hasn't come back to bite me yet.
See the 3rd note.

>> make -k check || :
>> sed -i.bak '/^INFO/s/ //' etc/Makefile
> Is the autoconf version of better than the binutils version?

Andrew Fyfe

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