LFS 6.1 and the next gen of the LiveCD

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Apr 15 15:37:47 PDT 2005

Hey Guys,

Would just like to ask if the target date for the release of 6.1 has 
changed at all.  I'm trying to finalize a release version of the latest 
cd which will use 6.1 as a base and include its book and source 
packages, etc.  Would be useful to know what kind of a time frame we're 
looking at there.

Also, I'd like to expand the "About the included CD" page in the book to 
give some more detail and information about the cd. The included 
packages have been altered/extended and I'd like to give a more detailed 
list of packages. Perhaps I could write a few other general-use notes 
there. Sound ok? Any ideas or suggestions as far as that goes?


Jeremy Huntwork

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