LFS 6.1-testing issues

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Fri Apr 8 20:10:52 PDT 2005

I've just finished building lfs-testing SVN-20050402 from the 6.0 boot cd.

Most things went fine and I have timing/size data that I will put 
together and post after bit.  Right now the system is a plain LFS system 
with the only addition being ssl/ssh.

I have run into a keyboard problem that I'd like to share:

The backspace key is not working correctly in vim.  It works fine at the 
console and in vim from ssh (actually its the same keyboard via a kvm). 
  The keyboard is a plain us 104 key keyboard.  I did not change 
/etc/sysconfig/console so loadkeys and setfont have not been run.

dumpkeys gives:
   keycode  14 = Delete           Delete
         control keycode  14 = BackSpace
         alt     keycode  14 = Meta_Delete

Which I believe is correct.

I can fix the problem with
   echo "keycode 14 = BackSpace" | loadkeys

but that doesn't seem right to me.

I have tried :set backspace=2 in vim, but that doesn't change anything. 
I have not changed /etc/inputrc.

The bottom line is that I can fix the problem, but I want to check to 
see if anyone else has seen this type of problem.



In section 7.6, there is a command:

cat >>/etc/sysconfig/console <<"EOF"

but the console script says:

if [ -n "${KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS}" ]; then
    boot_mesg "Loading keymap corrections: ${KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS}..."
    loadkeys ${KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS} &>/dev/null

Ether the book or the bootscripts need to be changed so the variables 

   -- Bruce

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