GNU/Solaris from Scratch and bootscripts heads-up and glibc234/kernel2611n question

Kev Buckley k.buckley at
Wed Apr 6 08:35:38 PDT 2005

Whilst I am more of a lurker on here than anything else, I thought I'd
flag up a couple of things which, as is often the way, I came across
whilst looking for something else, which might be of interest here, 
albeit in a comparative sense.

There's a bloke at SUN looking into creating a GNU/Solaris from Scratch:

(I typed in various combinations of his name and the concept to an LFS
 mailing list archive search and found nothing, so I hope you haven't
 already discusssed this at length)

The second item that might be of interest in light of the recent
bootscripts discussion on here, is the way that Solaris 10 is moving
it's service start/stop facilities into the new Service Management
Framework (SMF) as they look to move away from rc-style scripts and
indeed, away from (x)inetd.conf.

I ended up reading:

but I am sure there is more, much more.

Again, apologies if you've already done any potential links between
that topic and LFS to death as well.

On a definitely LFS-related tack, I'd like to ask:

Is there a general LFS consenus that the errors in the glibc-2-3.4
test suite that have been seen to occur with the 2.6.11.n kernel
series of late can be ignored, because it is the kernel that is 
"at fault" (in which case, any problems will go away as one builds
later kernels), or are 2.6.11.n/2.3.4 combos to be avoided by all but
those for whom the bleeding edge is a second home, because the
problems lie with the interaction between the glibc and kernel API,
and highlight problems that would be then be locked into an LFS build
using the most recent glibc/kernel-headers sources ?


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