2 potentially 6.1 related questions

Andrew Benton andy at benton987.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Apr 4 16:26:58 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Hi folks,
> In both sets of grep's instructions we use the '--with-included-regex' 
> to prevent grep from using potentially buggy regex code from glibc. Now, 
> I can understand this in chapter 5 where the host's glibc can't be 
> guaranteed to work.  However, in chapter 6 we have a known version of 
> glibc.  The question is, does anyone know whether recent versions of 
> glibc still have the buggy regex code, and how can we test/verify it (is 
>  running grep's own testsuite enough to spot any problems)?  The reason 
> I ask is that Jakub Jelinek has done some work on the regex code in 
> glibc, so I'm wondering if it's still problematic.
For what it's worth I stopped using that option with grep in the chroot pass about a 
month ago and it hasn't caused any problems I'm aware of. I still use it when 
building the tools
> Secondly, following Ken's observation that hotplug's Makefile creates 
> the /var/log/hotplug directory I removed that instruction from the book. 
>  That just leaves us touching a file at /var/log/hotplug/errors.  I 
> can't believe that hotplug doesn't create this file itself, if it 
> doesn't already exist.  Can anyone (Jim!) confirm that this instruction 
> is really necessary?
Living without it doesn't cause me any problems

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