Bootscript Changes before next LFS release

Jim Gifford lfs at
Sat Apr 2 15:20:53 PST 2005

Nathan Coulson wrote:

>I would like to do a point release of the bootscripts before the LFS
>6.1 release.
>alexander recently filed a bug about rethinking where the modules
>script goes.  [He wants it after the udev script, for systems that
>disable hotplug handling on bootup], and I think this change should go
>into LFS 6.1
Simple word No!!!, I spent time working with Kay Sievers working on our 
hotplug/udev setup. He likes what we have and it's functional. We need 
to wait until hotplug-ng is stable enough, then we can start making changes.

The only change we need to make is to our ifup/ifdown scripts, I want to 
revert the brink_link_up back into the scripts, so we can just make the 
wireless support a patch in contrib.

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