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M.Canales.es macana at macana-es.com
Fri Apr 1 11:12:04 PST 2005

Matthew Burgess escribió en lfs.dev el Viernes, 1 de Abril de 2005 20:48:

> M.Canales.es wrote:
>> d) Is a PDF look fix ;-)
> Of course.  I will trust anything from anyone (as long as their name is
> Manuel :)) that touches stuff in the stylesheets/ directory as there is
> some serious black-magic juju going on in there :)  However, rule c)
> still applies - i.e. if the fix is common to both trunk and the 6.1
> branch, then trunk gets the fix first and it gets merged to the branch
> afterwards.

The changes will be in the XML, not the XSL. Bassically the readdition of 
{beginpage/} tags, some URL splits and like.

That stuff in suitable only for released versions, when no more textual 
changes will be made. Idealy that should be the last commits before create 

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