Post-6.1 plans/roadmap

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Fri Apr 1 10:54:16 PST 2005


Now that the 6.1 cycle has started, here's what's on the cards for 
future LFS releases.  Whether these make it all into the same release, 
or whether they're staggered over multiple releases depends on how 
quickly they can stabilise and the amount of development and testing 
resources available.  Anyway, here's the list:

* Multi-arch support, i.e. officially supporting more than just x86.  We 
currently have a branch underway for this, masterfully headed by Jim 
Gifford.  IIRC, it's pretty stable already, so a merge could happen soon.

* Cross-build support, i.e. being able to build from non-Linux hosts, 
and building from one architecture to run on a different architecture. 
There's some notes on the Wiki for this, and Ryan Oliver's cross-lfs 
scripts act as a good starting point.  I've been promising to set up a 
branch for this stuff too...soon...honest :)

* GCC-4.0 - 4.0.0 is currently scheduled for April 15th.  There's some 
interesting changes for us (like they went and removed our beloved spec 
file!) as well as compile and execution time speedups and the usual 
bunch of bug fixes.  There's also currently issues with glibc, and in 
all likelihood BLFS will be affected by this quite a lot, as the 
compiler has once again got a bit stricter in what code it'll accept. 
Bug #1062 suggests a branch for this work, and though I'd tend to agree, 
it'll in all likelihood be a pretty short-lived one.

* Slimming down of the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files and related 
changes to the LFS book (mainly udev) and BLFS book.

If I've missed anything off this list, or you have an idea that you've 
been keeping to yourself, then now's the time to hit us with it :)



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