Alternate lfs-5.1 plan

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Mar 20 14:59:54 PST 2004

On Sat, 20 Mar 2004, Bryan Kadzban wrote:

> Ken Moffat wrote:
> > (really need to build with 2.3.2 to confirm the abiword problem isn't in
> > abiword itself, I suspect I never built a recent version on LFS-5.0, and
> > the builds take rather a long while).
> Dunno if this helps you or not, but abiword 2.1.0 built and seems to be
> working fine with glibc 20040103.  But I did it on i686, with NPTL, and
> that's why I'm not sure if it helps you or not.  ;-)
> A year or so ago when I was trying to use abiword 1.something, it would
> segfault whenever I'd exit it (that was on a glibc 2.2.5+linuxthreads
> system with a 2.4.x kernel).  Not sure if that's what you're seeing or
> not, though...

 No, it's a less `fatal' error, but enough to make it unusable - with
stable (2.0 series) versions of abiword everything seems to work, at
least on a brief test, except that proportionally-spaced fonts are often
unreadable because the characters overlap each other.  Might be worse
with some fonts, and seems to be exacerbated by bold or italic text, and
also whenever the letters `ee' appear.  I've got a short test document
that is totally unreadable on i586, but fine on ppc (same versions of
everything) and ok with a very old version of abiword (1.0.4) on i686.
(And my old abiword does segfault when I exit, but I can live with

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