Proposed Change - RFC - net-tools to iproute2

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Jun 29 20:21:36 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> I read all the thread - I have a question.  If the `ip` binary can do 
> `netstat` `route` and `ifconfig`, why can't we put instructions in for 
> symbolic links for these to `ip`?  Good educational value IMO.

It can't do netstat, nor can it do quite everything that ifconfig can 
do. However, it does all that 95% (or more) of users would need from 

netstat, though, is a big loss. Someone has mentioned that lsof can be 
used to provide the same information, but I've not yet attempted it to 
see if it can be done or is relatively easy to do.

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