GRUB problem...

Eric Pratt pratte at
Wed Jun 23 08:33:20 PDT 2004

> The mobo is a bit noname, but the grub on chris' boot CD works on it. I
> built an automatic LFS from that boot CD, and now I cant boot the box
> (unless I use the CD).

Try booting into lfs with the CD and reinstalling GRUB from within Linux.
I know that reinstalling sounds like an MS solution, but I have seen this
problem a few times and as long as I am able to boot into my Linux system
and install GRUB again, I have been able to recover without reinstalling
the OS.  I can give no rhyme or reason as to why GRUB does this other than
it is still alpha.  If you are interested in trying a CVS version of GRUB,
GRUB 2 is available.  I havne't played with it but it might be worth a
shot if a GRUB reinstall doesn't help.


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