GRUB problem...

Ian Molton spyro at
Wed Jun 23 08:12:10 PDT 2004

Im having trouble with GRUB. Im using version 0.94, which works *fine*
on my desktop box (Shuttle SN45G) but fails to load on my new duron box.

The mobo is a bit noname, but the grub on chris' boot CD works on it. I
built an automatic LFS from that boot CD, and now I cant boot the box
(unless I use the CD).

I dont have time to debug this right now, but has anyone seen this
problem other than me?

it prints:

GRUB Loading Stage 1.5

GRUB Loading Grub, Please  wait...

google shows this is not an isolated problem but gives no solution also.

Ideas? (I dont have time to debug this right now...)

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