Error in /etc/hotplug/pnp.rc script

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Jun 21 05:27:59 PDT 2004

Ian Molton wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 23:16:36 -0700
> Jeremy Utley <jeremy at> wrote:
>>Yep - you'll ahve the same thing with xine-lib as well.  But, this one
>>*MAY* get fixed in LFS instead - not 100% sure yet - there's been
>>minor discussion about making our libc headers NOT error out when
>>kernel internal files are included....but nothing definate.
> I vote they error out. that way we find programs that are broken and can
> fix them. Especially important now that linux is (very slowly) moving
> over to common ABI headers (something I suggested long ago we sould do
> here in order to make LFS 'stand out')

I also agree with Ian now. No fix necessary.

xine libs:  Reply from Michael Roitzsch (mroi):

> The one occurrence in src/audio_out/audio_oss_out.c is already gone in 
> current CVS. 
> I think the one in src/video_out/video_out_syncfb.h could be removed as 
> well, it is only needed for checking CONFIG_MTRR and conditionally 
> including a header. I think we could simply include this header 
> unconditionally. But I would feel better, if someone who uses syncfb 
> could verify this. 
> The src/video_out/libdha/kernelhelper/dhahelper.c is not compiled by 
> default and is kernel specific. Maybe we need the conditional version you 
> suggest here, but I don't know. 

I've still not looked at XFree86, but xorgs cvs has only 
<linux/config.h> in the extra/ and hw/ (DRM/DRI stuff).  I figure a 
little automagic and a local config.h could be used to find the kernel 
build directory symlink and pull real kernel headers from there if it's 
actually necessary for XFree/Xorg.  Actually I thought we already did 
that anyways with a variable passed to make a long time ago, have to 
look back on it.

Anyways, enough OT, I think everything will be OK shortly, so no need 
for a fix now.

-- DJ Lucas

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