Kernel page, once again

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Tue Jun 15 21:38:55 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
>> 4) Clearly state our current assumption that the reader knows 
>> everything about hotplug, udev and modular kernels, and already has a 
>> working combination of these three items. This would result in empty 
>> stated target audience, but the fact is that our real target audience 
>> (i.e., set of people who are ready to read the book) is already empty.
> We seem to be back at the same point we discussed over two weeks ago: 
> if the book is going to require significant changes to support 
> _MODULAR_ kernels, then we need to strongly suggest that people do not 
> build their kernel/drivers in that fashion unless they are well versed 
> in the effects that will have on udev, hotplug and the rest of their 
> system.
> I don't understand why there is so much effort being put into making 
> the book/udev/hotplug/etc. handle these cases, when the simplest 
> solution is to just not use modules for 99% of the situations being 
> talked about.

Because, unless I'm mistaken, proper functioning of Hotplug requires 
that these devices *BE* modules, so they can be loaded when the device 
is connected, and unloaded when the device is removed.


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