[RFC] LFS Makefile Collection

John Smartcat99S at stgeorges.myvnc.com
Tue Jun 15 12:53:05 PDT 2004

Kipper Wrote:

>I came up with the idea of using GNU make to do the build in stages, allowing me 
>to take much more control of the build. Instead of just building, I could 
>customize each step. For example, instead of me just using "make build" on a 
>package, there could be another target "make build-static" to build a static 
>version of a package. Some people will want to call "make remove-source", some 
>people may not.
>A top level Makefile would call the lower level makefiles to build complete LFS 
>systems, or software packages. That is:
>make -C packages/gcc

Also, as another way to put the makefile out, you might want to consider 
making an iso avaliable that has the packages, the book, and the 
makefile, so that all of that it is all avaliable in one file.

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