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Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Jun 15 04:11:50 PDT 2004

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> 1) Move all optional/replaceable packages to ch8. This currently
> includes: e2fsprogs, reiserfsprogs (just for showing the reader that an
> alternative exists), make_devices, udev, hotplug, module-init-tools, the
> "modules" script, grub and lilo. Yes, I am strongly against the "one
> true path" approach.

 As a believer in "build on as many platforms as possible" I have to
support the general idea.  However, I can see the following issues -

(i.) Isn't make_devises | udev a choice to be made before building glibc
in chapter 6 ?  I don't understand how we can defer them to chapter 8.

(ii.) since at least LFS-3 the various editors have been
unable/unwilling to support alternatives.  The more choice the book
offers, the more it will allow people to select unworking options.

Example - in my first play with BELFS I used lilo, got it building, but
lilo fails to boot.  Almost certainly an issue with the particular
version of libc-headers that I used, but I haven't yet gone back and
rebuilt everything.  Options in the (released) book are only useful if
people are going to test them before a new edition.

(iii.) Gerard might regard this as bloat or too much hand-holding.
e.g. reiserfs used to be in the book.

(iv.) This also invites us to reopen the FSF/HJL debate, at least until
the community makes the right decision :-)

 FWIW, my view on architecture-specific things (and by extension, lilo
and any other bootloaders where there is a choice)  is that optional
sections could be maintained alongside the book by people who use them,
preferably with a note showing for which version of the book the
instructions were last tested.  Sounds suspiciously like a hint, in
fact.  I'd love to see the book reaching a point where a builder can
check-out a custom version of the book for his/her hardware, but I don't
think we're close to that at the moment.

 For filesystems, just continue to point people to other fs's, e.g. in
BLFS.  Maybe add reminders that clueless builders may wish to ensure
their host's filesystem can be mounted, and can be understood by grub.

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