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Thu Dec 30 20:51:22 PST 2004

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> On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 00:31:07 -0400, Anderson Lizardo
> <lizardo at> wrote:
>> On Thursday 30 December 2004 23:31, Nathan Coulson wrote:
>> > I'd still like to append onto the old message where it left off, if
>> > possible.

<snip useful discussions ;) >

>> Or then create a "wrapper" function that adds the newline to one-line
>> messages (something like boot_mesg_nonewline() and boot_mesg() that
>> calls boot_mesg_nonewline() and adds the newline).
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>> Anderson Lizardo
>> lizardo at
> yeah, I like that solution better.  I'll get to work on it.

something out of left field for you guys to consider:

the standard linux console should support the ASCII codes for creating a 
"split" screen - this basically creates two windows, which you can switch 
between, each being an independent entity.

on init start, scroll up about 4-5 lines, then set the bottom 4-5 lines 
as a seperate screen (screen 2)

screen 1 would be used to output init messages (from boot_mesg) and would 
switch to screen 2 when executing commands (and thus error messages would 
appear in the bottom "window".

each window can be scrolled independently, and you could clear screen2 
after each init command is finished (i.e. evaluate_retval is run) if you 

I may not have explained that well, but it's hopefully clear enough - 
that would avoid entirely the issue of unexpected messages interfering 
with boot_mesg output.

just a thought, feel free to ignore ;)

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Steve Crosby

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