LFS-6.0: Package freeze

Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Sun Aug 29 16:29:20 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> So, I'd like a package freeze a.s.a.p.  Unless there are any very strong
>> objections, then consider the current versions those that will go into
>> LFS-6.0.  Jim, I realise that there are some glibc updates, but I really
>> think these are best suited to unstable for now.  The benefits aren't
>> big enough to warrant further delays for testing, IMO.
> You have my agreement. 6.0 has been in the oven (as it were) for a 
> very long time already, it's time to get it published.

Agreed, I will notify Jermey that we will do a glibc upgrade in unstable 

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