chapter 5 - host system requirements - glibc requires 2.6

Laurens Blankers lblankers at
Tue Aug 10 06:09:46 PDT 2004

Hi All,

The Host System Requirements states 2 reasons why a kernel > 2.6.2 
compiled with gcc > 3.0 is required.

However I have a third one: When building glibc (chapter 5, pass 1) with 
2.6 headers but with a 2.4 kernel running it fails with:

CPP='gcc -B/tools/bin/ -E -x c-header' 
/mnt/data/sources/glibc-build/elf/ --library-path 
/mnt/data/sources/glibc-build/sunrpc/rpcgen -Y ../scripts -c 
rpcsvc/bootparam_prot.x -o 
FATAL: kernel too old
make[2]: *** [/mnt/data/sources/glibc-build/sunrpc/xbootparam_prot.stmp] 
Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/mnt/data/sources/glibc-2.3.4-20040701/sunrpc'
make[1]: *** [sunrpc/others] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/data/sources/glibc-2.3.4-20040701'
make: *** [all] Error 2

The fatal occurs in


incombination with the



I can live with a failed testsuite and some problems with udev, but not 
without glibc. :-(

I guess I will have to install 2.6.x. I am going to try to compile it 
with gcc 2.95.3 though and report any problems here.

It might be a good idea to include to problem in the reasons for 2.6 
with 3.x in host system requirements.



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