glibc pt_chown

Jeremy Herbison Jeremy.Herbison at
Mon Aug 2 20:44:34 PDT 2004

I see the pt_chown program was once again allowed to exist. First of all, the glibc manual states:

"One auxiliary program, /usr/libexec/pt_chown, is installed setuid root. This program is invoked by the grantpt function; it sets the permissions on a pseudoterminal so it can be used by the calling process. This means programs like xterm and screen do not have to be setuid to get a pty. (There may
be other reasons why they need privileges.) If you are using a 2.1 or newer Linux kernel with the devptsfs or devfs filesystems providing pty slaves, you don't need this program; otherwise you do."

Suggests to me that we don't need it. Supposing you DO decide to leave it in though... shouldn't it get placed somewhere OTHER than /usr/libexec? I thought you got rid of that directory years ago!


p.s. I am primarily a lurker around here, only speaking up a couple times a year. However I have to say that despite recent squabbling on this list, the actual book has never looked better! Keep up the great work everyone!

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