Livin' On The Edge (or Beyond LFS 5.1)

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Apr 4 09:17:43 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:

>Not quite.  IIRC you have to be *running* an NPTL capable kernel (i.e.
>2.6.x) in order to compile an NPTL based glibc.  This severely restricts
>the variety of hosts that are suitable for compiling LFS from
>(considering that even a base LFS-5.1 would be incapable of building
>it).  The way around this is to change chapter 5 to build a 2.6 kernel
>first, then reboot into that and carry on from there.  I believe this
>has all been stumbled upon and commented on in lfs-hackers.

This approach severely limits  a user's method of operation when 
building LFS.  One would have to either print out the book or use a 
second computer to follow the book.  It elimiantes any possibility of 
cut and paste.  On top of that, it the user is already running 2.6, its 
unnecessary.  Perhaps this could be one option, but in this case we need 
to give the user a second option of updating the kernel in the host system.

  -- Bruce

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