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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Oct 6 17:40:15 PDT 2003

Hi Kevin P. Fleming. You said the following on 10/06/03 16:38:

> It also depends greatly on where you are setting LDFLAGS. If you just 
> set it in the environment before running configure, it seems to have 
> little (if any) effect. If you set it while running make to build the 
> package it can have the desired effect, but also cause the problems I'm 
> speaking of. But this is off-topic for this list now anyway...

In a distant past gcc was built statically using "make -e 
LDFLAGS=-static". That's really dangerous, because the internal LDFLAGS 
were overridden. LDFLAGS in the environment (eg. LDFLAGS=-s && 
./configure ...) are picked up by packages if they choose to so setting 
it like that is generally harmless.
I think you (Kevin) referred to this kind of LDFLAGS, while Greg was 
referring to LDFLAGS in the environment. It would be useful if this kind 
of information was included when criticizing someone... :-)

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