Glibc 2.3.2 Build Failure

Richard rgollub at
Mon Mar 31 17:41:52 PST 2003

Matt Reppert wrote:
> The easiest way, IMO, to follow the LFS book (not purelfs) and do this is
> just to build your first glibc with 2.3.1 and then replace it with 2.3.2 at
> the end of chapter 6. (This is what I'm doing on the system I'm building on
> my Alpha right now, I'm going through and building everything off 2.3.2 right
> now, basically.)

	Tks Matt. I can testify that myself because I have already experimented
that way and proved it to work. However, I am still curious to learn how
to correct the issue. The fact that going straight from 2.2.5 into 2.3.2
leads to a failure was the main conclusion expressed in the "Subject" of
my reporting message: that in essence "there is something rotten in the
kingdom of Denmark"... What offending element in the building process is
the culprit and correspondingly is the cause for the corruption is still
quite unclear to me.


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