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Its Ian - we met at our kids tennis practice - you know, the hairy geek

Your wife said to email you, about the PC.

The spec I will be selling is:

Harddisc: *new* 80GB Maxtor DiamodPlus 9
RAM: 256MB PC-2700 (running at CAS2 PC2100)
Plextor CDRW drive (12x write 10x rewrite 32x read)
Video: Radeon 9000 128MB with VGA, DVI, and TV out
Motherboard: ASUS A7M266
CPU: AthlonXP 1800 w/ 266MHz FSB.
PSU: Enermax 450Watt

Basically my current machine, with a new harddisc (I wont sell 2nd hand
Harddiscs since I dont find them reliable).

The Harddisc is a top-of-the-line, current, Maxtor model, with an
extended cache (8MB compared with the more common 2MB) and is blazingly
fast (50MB/second for linear reads, easily, which compares with about
25-30 for most other makes).

The motherboard is old (by the standard of the bleeding edge), but still
one of the best performing motherboards for Athlon chips. It will take
faster CPUs than the one in it now, allowing you to upgrade, should you
want to (but why?! 1.5GHz is *very* fast)

The RAM is *faster* than this motherboard supports, giving you some room
to upgrade, and extra reliability.

The video card is state-of-the art as of about 6 months ago, and plays
current games at over 100 frames a second.

The CPU runs at 1533MHz (1.5GHz). MORE than fast enough.

The CDRW is old but an extremely high quality device (made by plextor
before they became run-of-the-mill) 12x will burn a chock-full CD in
about 7 minutes. The drive has 'burn-proof' which means windows pathetic
slowness wont mess up the CD you are burning ;-)

The PSU (power supply) is a top-of-the-line Enermax (450W) model, which
is WAY higher quality than the cr*p you get in a box-shifter PC.

The case is a little the worse for wear, but is a nice box. I have cut
two slits in the side of the front panel, for better ventilation, along
with a 4 inch front case fan.

For all this goodness, I ask 400 pounds. For an extra 10 pounds I will
replace the CPUs heatsink fan (basically insurance for you, because
whilst it runs fine now, if that fan stops, the CPU is dead meat, and
maybe the motherboard too.). Im happy to sell it without replacing that
fan, but then if the CPU fries Im not replacing it :-)

I'll offer my usual 3 months 'warranty' on the machine, which means I'll
come and see it for free (although you might have to give me a lift if
you're too far away), and replace any part that dies, if I deem the
problem to have been my fault. My rule of thumb is that if a machine
lasts 3 months it'll continue to work until one of the mechanical parts
reaches the end of its lifetime (5 years for a Harddisc, 1-3 years for a

Hope this isnt too much information :-)

Oh, and if you dont go for this machine, at least run the specs of what
you do choose by me so I can save you from a bad deal ;-)

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