borked bison ?

zigman2k michael at
Tue Mar 25 09:33:20 PST 2003

i am ( i guess like most of you) compiling stuff with 
export CFLAGS=" -Os -march=i686 -pipe -s"
(except gcc binutils and glibc of course)

i never had any problems with it 
until now
bison compiles fine with the optimisations .. 
even the make check  passes all tests

while i was installing aide-0.9 i got the following error
bison -y -d -p conf -o conf_yacc.c /root/install/aide-0.9/src/conf_yacc.y
make[2]: *** [conf_yacc.c] Speicherzugriffsfehler ( segfault)

compiling bison with no optimisations has the same result
only if i unset CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS i get a (stable?) bison which 
does do the job..

i have 2 systems here to play with .. one has lfs-cvs ( with static ch5 )
and one is installed using purelfs ( that really is the only difference here)
i really don't know what the problem here is (i'm not enough into the gcc
binutils glibc stuff)

can anyone reproduce that problem ?

i'm using bison 1.875 and purelfs as is (ryans 2.2.1 script)

aide0.9 is available @

thx in advance


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