add --enable-languages flag to gcc instructions

Donald Smith dss-lfs at
Sat Jun 7 21:16:34 PDT 2003

coevolved_netbeast at wrote:
> I learned enough from building LFS to compile 
> Xfree(with a bit of help from the nice people on 
> blfs-support to get it working), and install 
> applications like xpdf, opera, etc.  In fact LFS 
> has made me so familiar with linux, I have to 
> smack myself in the head when I try to 'ls' or 
> 'rm' in a dos-box.
> If someone doesn't understand linux enough to 
> try a blfs project then LFS to them is just 
> another distro they have to fight to use, they 
> haven't learned anything from the book.
> What might be of more help is references to 
> package documentation, encourage people to 
> read the documentation and work it out 
> themselves.  I know that documentation can 
> often be confusing and limited, but learning to 
> cope with that is part of learning to use linux.

Hey Gerard,

This isn't a bad idea. Maybe a mention should be made that nearly all 
packages have a README and/or INSTALL text file that gives more 
information about (building) the package. (It that already in the book?)

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