Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at
Sun Sep 29 12:47:34 PDT 2002

"Ulrich Fahrenberg" <uli at> wrote
> Hi,
> LFS-4.9-RC1 installs man-pages-1.52, however since August 25,
> man-pages-1.53 has been available at The most noteable
> sifference apears to be that a lot of pages have been added in section
> 3.
> As their Makefile hasn't changed and the installation is bloody
> simple, I say there's no risk replacing 1.52 with 1.53 in LFS-4.0
> Uli

This type of thing appears in the FAQ
( - although I'm not sure quite
when the package updates are done - I would have thought they'd be done
before the first RC.  Maybe this could be mentioned in the FAQ? Anyway, if
you're really bothered about up-to-date packages I'd suggest taking a quick
glance at (yes this
is a shameless plug for my miniscule contribution to LFS/BLFS).  I believe
the following packages have currently not been upgraded in the
book -Autoconf 2.54, Automake 1.7, E2fsprogs 1.29, Modutils 2.4.20, psmisc
21.2 (note to the editors - I'm not suggesting that these be upgraded so
close to a release, merely pointing out that these newer versions are
available to the OP).

Hope this helps,

Matt Burgess

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