Man sed replaced with patch, added nofixincludes GCC patch

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Sat Sep 28 17:24:27 PDT 2002

On Sat, Sep 28, 2002 at 06:12:37PM -0600, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> I opted for creating a seperate patch to fix that fixincludes script 
> execution. We'd want that script to run in Chapter 06, so the patch that we 
> use in both chapters couldn't be used.
> Then again, I've been thinking a bit about that fixincludes.

Been there, done that :)

> Say GCC finds X headers and it fixes them so they can be used. What if you 
> install X after GCC (as most if not all people do naturally), you have 
> original X headers that should be fixed. Does this mean we should keep that 
> fixincludes script handy and run it every time we install header files from a 
> package? It never made sense to run it that one time you install GCC and 
> never again. Maybe I'm missing the point of the fixincludes script and does 
> something different than I think it does.
> So, since I'm not sure I've created a seperate patch. Maybe we can integrate 
> it in the existing patch without penalty?

I think so. I've started using the patch in both chapters and haven't seen any

The whole fixincludes thing is a GCC'ism more appplicable to installing GCC
on existing non-Linux systems. The fact that it "fixes" some of our headers
is a bit of a false-positive IMHO.

For the record, gcc-3.3 has started installing the fixincludes script so that
one can run it at a later time if they so wish, but I still think we do not
need this functionality.

If you decide to include this into the main gcc patch then the attached patch
is a little tidier as it gets rid of the unneeded README file as well.

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diff -uNr gcc-3.2.orig/gcc/ gcc-3.2/gcc/
--- gcc-3.2.orig/gcc/	2002-05-24 03:57:21.000000000 +1000
+++ gcc-3.2/gcc/	2002-09-21 11:53:20.000000000 +1000
@@ -2119,10 +2119,6 @@
 	  cp $(srcdir)/config/$(FLOAT_H) include/float.h && \
 	  chmod a+r include/float.h; \
 	else :; fi
-# Install the README
-	rm -f include/README
-	cp $(srcdir)/README-fixinc include/README
-	chmod a+r include/README
 	$(STAMP) $@
 # depends on this, not on specs directly.
@@ -2153,7 +2149,6 @@
 	(TARGET_MACHINE='$(target)'; srcdir=`cd $(srcdir); pwd`; \
 	SHELL='$(SHELL)' ;\
 	export TARGET_MACHINE srcdir SHELL ; \
 	rm -f include/syslimits.h; \
 	if [ -f include/limits.h ]; then \
 	  mv include/limits.h include/syslimits.h; \

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