New packaging system :)

Goldman Michael sgmm at
Tue Sep 24 09:58:07 PDT 2002

> On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Goldman Michael wrote:
> > When I want to install some package, I configure is with
> >     --prefix=/usr/local/<package_name>
> > after make install, I have all /usr/local/<package_name>/bin
> >                                /usr/local/<package_name>/lib
> >                                /usr/local/<package_name>/man
> > and such.
> > Then I do
> > cd /usr/bin
> > for i in ../local/<package_name>/bin/* ; do ln -s $i . ; done
> > and the same for lib, man, sbin, etc...
> Have a look at FAQ 4.7; what you're doing is called symlink style
> package management. Personally I prefer to use depot instead of doing
> things manually.
Yeah, but before you can use depot, you need to setup whole buch of things
(glibc, perls, .....). This manual linking you can start packaging
immediatly after starting chroot in chapter 6.

> I am very happy to hear you succeeded, because (I've been posting
> something about this on lfs-support) I'm trying the same at the moment
> and not getting anything but trouble. To me it seems that the
> configure path gets hardcoded into glibc, and this later makes ncurses
> unusable (at least vim does think so). But I'm working on it.
Well, I dont use vim, but all other packages (less for example) are fine
with it. The point is that after you install each package in chapter 6
that brings his shared libraries (and ncureses is first such pakcage), you
need to add to /etc/ something like
and then run ldconfig

> If your manage to have a working system (a good test is to run some
> blfs installs on it afterwards...), maybe you could write a hint on
> how to do it?

I'ive successfully installed links browser (that reqires ncurses as well).
but I've failed to compile pkg-config - it fails during compilation.
pci-utils did not compiled, unable to find `cc'. ln -s cc /usr/bin/gcc did
the work.
But after messing with pkg-config, I've saw that SVGATextMode package
refuses to compile with gcc-3.2 and there is patch for SVGATextMode that
fixes it..  Maybe it is the same case with pkg-config?

And yeah, util-linux does not find ncurses, unless you rename

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