Prerequisite skills?

Nathan Ladd nathanladd at
Mon Sep 23 16:23:51 PDT 2002

> Perhaps the solution to improve the learning experience is to not make
> it so easy for someone to just copy and paste. Interspace commands and
> comments together (the same way most of the hints do). Keep each patch
> seperate, and give information on what it does. Things like that. Not
> meant as a disrespect, but make it so that it more resembles a book
> rather than a manual. I noticed the same thing in the BLFS book,
> conversion of many of the hints to the book made the instructions quite
> bland.

The cut n paste is a good tool for everyone who doesn't script the install, 
and therefore I don't think the solution is to essentially make the book 
*worse* because of some ignoramuses.  That being said, I think I have 
evolved my thoughts to the point of an idea.

What if ch5 had the quick copy n paste everything, but ch6 didnt include 
every mind numbing command.  For example, the glibc patch can be mentioned 
in the text ala something like this:

After the linuxthreads is unpacked, apply the patch and begin the build 
process (you did read <a href="gregsproposedprereqpage.html">the 
prerequisites</a>, didn't you?)

Or maybe like (see prerequisites) to be less obtrusive.  Note that 
subsequent patches would not have the link itself, just the usual 
notification of there being a patch.

> Now I will go hide before the bricks hit me...

Me too--I feel wierd about treading the line between proliferating ideas and 
giving advice to people who are so much more 'l33t' than me.

If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple 
that we couldn't.
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