Part I of the book out of date

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Thu Sep 19 06:15:09 PDT 2002

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002 11:59:19 -0700 Timothy Bauscher
<timothy at> wrote:

> > I a similar vein, why is $LFS/usr/src assumed as the download and
> > build area? This directory is created in chapter 6. It's part of the
> > target LFS tree and if you create it at the beginning you get an error
> > message in chapter 6. $LFS/static/src or $LFS/static/usr/src would be
> > a better choice.
> What about the linux-2.4.19 directory, which is widely
> assumed to live in /usr/src?

That's an exception that (if it is worth mentioning at all) should be
mentioned with the kernel installation instructions. This doesn't change
the fact though that for the other packages, assuming they will be built
in $LFS/usr/src (which doesn't exist until chapter 6) is wrong.


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