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Hugo Patrício hugo.patricio at
Wed Sep 18 08:07:49 PDT 2002

i use linux (on part-time) for almost 3 years - the only reason i don't use it more is because i don't have time to learn how to do the stuffs i need/want.

people say: go read, look on the internet - ok. the only thing i discovered on the internet on the past 3 years is that 95% of the information sucks. From the rest 5%, 4%  are far beyond understanding for people who doesn't have a knowledge of linux. ok - in the 1% info left i am going to learn something.

what i want to say in here is that don't reduce the book, i say put some more chapters! If in the end we have a linux from scratch encyclopedia, being the system build only a small part of it, good! in my opinion the goal of LFS should be the teaching of linux for people who doesn't ever seen linux in their lives, giving them the oportunity to know much more in the end of the book. 

one other thing: linux will only be a widespread system when all the "first generation gurus" learn to cope and have more patience with the newbies ( 2º, 3º, 4º... generation).

it was arrogance that pulled me away from windows - and the love for the cause that brought me to linux.

so i say, if it teaches dumb-ass-joe, it is good! :)

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