lfs-dev and the book

Timothy Bauscher timothy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Sep 17 15:17:20 PDT 2002

During the past week, or month for that matter, several
threads on this list became increadibly off-topic. To quote
the book:

"The lfs-dev mailing list discusses matters strictly related
to the LFS-BOOK. If problems with the book come up, a bug or
two need to be reported, or suggestions to improve the book
should be made, this mailing list is the right one."

Some of the offending emails started out as lfs-dev material,
but quickly became lfs-chat material. If you see an OT thread
(IOW, a thread which does not fit the description above),
*please* politely ask that the conversation be carried to a more
appropriate list. 

Second, thank you Matthias for suggesting the removal of "How to
install the software". A "Prerequisites" section would be a nice
alternative to hand-holding, and can only have a positive impact
on this project.

Newbies are welcomed to LFS with open arms, especially by
the wonderful people of *-support who've spent countless hours
helping others. It is not my goal to filter out newbies, but to
weed out those who don't want to learn.

Some of you sent patches and suggestions to lfs-dev this past
week. Thank you; I will get to them shortly. I'd like to thank
Bill Maltby in particular for his contributions to this project.
Your help does not go un-noticed :)

Anywho, I'm quickly breaking my own rule, so I had better shutup
now. If you respond to this thread, please consider whether the
content of your email is lfs-dev-related before posting.


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