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Tushar Teredesai tush at
Tue Sep 17 06:32:15 PDT 2002

Hilary wrote:

> a point I would like to make is that it is rediculous to expect every 
> USER to know the  insides of how a vehicle runs , brakes or accellerates ,
>      thats what professional people like myself are for,     yet I 
> show none of the /snobbery /that I have seen on this LFS thread in the 
> last two days.

No, you got it wrong, the user does not need to know the internals, but 
atleast the externals. He should know the concept of steering wheel, etc.

> I have come to respect the people who take the time to teach others 
> about what they already know, to have the pleasure of knowing that 
> they have somehow contributed ( as was told to me when I first became 
> interested in UNIX/LINUX) was reason enough to participate, just as I 
> WOULD when a customer took the time to ask me how thier car worked, it 
> was the pleasure of SHARING KNOWLEDGE that is important, not self 
> importance, right?

Probably if 100 people came to you in a day who have never seen a car 
and ask you questions such as "What is this, What is the round thing at 
the front, etc..." probably you will get bored. Probably like someone 
said, my example of a car is not a good example.

It is not about snobbery, it is about getting bored. If you check out 
lfs-support, in the past week, there have been numerous posts regarding 
the simple problem of binaries not being statically linked in Chapter 5.

> culture, just as LINUX does, so be a little humble when you realise 
> that you are the *ones to help the new generation* become better 
> people and I take my hat off to those who can teach with wisdom and 
> humility for they will save humanity.

No one is against teaching, that is why people write HOW-TOs and 
turorials and READMEs and hints. But each person cannot be taught 

This has been suggested before, but maybe there can be a seperate list 
for newbies to linux?

Tushar Teredesai
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