Chapter 6 Building GCC-3.2

Columbia, Richard richc at
Wed Sep 11 06:38:59 PDT 2002

I am not subscribed to either mailing list, but I thought that I would
send some information that I have found though trial and error.

In chapter 6 of the current cvs lfs book it makqes no reference of
requiring bison to build a native gcc-3.2 compiler.  As mentioned at the
following link this package is a requirement for issuing the make
bootstrap command.  I was unable to make the gcc-3.2 compiler receiving
all sorts of errors in the stage1 make until I installed Bison. After
jumping ahead and installing Bison the build went smoothly.

I am attempting to install LFS on an alpha-ev6 based system.  During the
installation of glibc-2.2.5 in chapter 6 I encoutered compilation
errors.  After much research I found the solution for the alpa
architecture in this mailing list thread.

It seems that the sysdeps/alpha/divrem.h file was causing a relocation
error in the new glibc-2.2.5.

I hope this information will be helpful to others.

I find this a great project and hope to use it as a launch pad to
porting Gentoo to the alpha platform.
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