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Rob Park rbpark at
Wed Sep 11 14:34:29 PDT 2002

Too bad this isn't mutt-users, because this message is a classic example
of why TOFU is a bad, bad thing...

Alas! Timothy Bauscher spake thus:
> 1. The LFS book should be targeted towards medium to advanced
>    linux users.

Definitely. LFS (IMO) is for people who know and love linux, but aren't
satisfied with the quirks that exist in any distro currently available.
It's *not* for people who just heard about linux yesterday and want to
try it [linux] out.

> 2. The purpose of this book is to educate. Education is
>    not worthless, even if the opportunity to learn is ignored
>    by the receiving party.

Right. The purpose of this book is to teach intermediate/advanced linux
users about the internal guts of linux, not to teach newbies what linux
is or how to use it.

> 3. I have seen the education level of our "readers" drop during
>    the short time I've been here. I believe this is due to
>    hand-holding, which is leading to a copy+paste audience whom
>    ask for help before attempting to solve a problem for
>    themselves.

Hmmm -- I don't think there's anything wrong with copy+paste... it's
faster and less error-prone than typing everything manually. It's when
people stop reading the instructions and just *blindly* copy+paste that
a problem arises.

> Those who do not wish to be educated should not be able to
> finish the book.



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