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Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Wed Sep 11 10:15:46 PDT 2002

On Wednesday 11 September 2002 13:02, Dan Osterrath wrote:
> But I think you should at least know the basics as "ls", "cd", "man"
> and so on. That's why I said this. When I was starting with an LFS I
> was using SuSE for some years and not only KDE with the mouse. I
> think you should have some experience with the shell othwerwise you
> are quite a "Windows dummy". :-) Of course when installing LFS you
> get tons of skills but donÄt start at zero!

We really should link to more information in the book. There are lots of 
relevant howto's, guides etc. which can be linked from allmost every 
package. Just as a "this package contains these programs" we should 
list docs like "this package is discussed in this howto/guide". 
Everybody stresses the educational part of LFS but untill we properly 
reference other educational texts we should be prepared to educate 
(PS cc'ed to lfs-dev, please follow up there)

Jeroen Coumans
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