DJ Lucas dj_me at swbell.net
Thu Sep 5 16:11:49 PDT 2002

Just a suggestion..I don't recal if I brougt this  up here in lfs-dev
before or not, and it may be entirely too late for inclusion in LFS-4.0.
But what about a function in /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions that would do
some checking to see if a particular script was started (or stopped) in
the previous runlevel.  I remember inquiring about it in blfs-support
some time back, but never quite figured out exactly how to do it.  It
occured to me to post here after re-reading a thread in lfs-chat.


The implementation used in the first example is probably (definately
IMO) not the way for LFS to handle it at all, but the idea was sound to
some extent.  Of course it will not handle all 'erroneos errors'  or
'attn's because users could start and stop scripts themselves, but could
still be of some use.


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