cvs book: sed-4.0

Sébastien Maerten sebastien.maerten at
Thu Oct 31 09:41:28 PST 2002


I was trying a fresh build from the cvs -20021023 book and found (I 
think so) a problem with sed-4.0.
I'm newbie, so don't hesitate asking for more details.

first the build system: imac (powerpc) with debian woody upgraded to 
testing (gcc-3.2).

I use ALFS with a slightly modified profile based on that of vassili 
dzuba 4.0-pLFS-rofile-k.tar.gz . Do not seem to have a problem with 
build instruction, I checked them and did the trick manually later.

The starting point:
    Everything goes right up to chap6 gcc build. " make bootstrap " 
fails realy early in the process with a: "make bootstrap: no rule to 
make target" (in the gcc-build/gcc directory). I don't remember exactly 
the message, but if it helps, I can reproduce it later.
    As everything appeared to be done by the rules (after many tries) I 
decided to check the ./configure --etc.. result .
    Remember I'm a newbie, so I did checked the output of ./configure 
--etc... and it did not exit with an error but found a strange line in 
it (here we are):
        sed: Couldn't re-allocate memory
following where many lines that seemed to be normal.

I got the former sed-3.0.2 installed with the instructions in chap 5 
(without building the whole system again; quite lazy, but don't know how 
to uninstall sed-4.0 cleanly).
Then re-enter chroot and start with a fresh new gcc source, the 
./configure --etc does not produce the "sed: Couldn't re-allocate 
memory" line and the make bootstrap is now running since one hour.

Does someone have an idea?

I won't be back until monday, but then I'll have a few time to give you 
the full logs - if someone tells me how to grab them out of the screen.

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