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> causes running applications to freeze.  Most users will respond to that
> situation with a reset.  I've seen that sort of thing happen.  Wiping

Hmmm, windows user behavior...

> see it is that setting up /tmp and /var/tmp separately, and wiping /tmp
> automatically is the RIGHT thing to do because it's consistent
> well-defined behaviour (and also somewhat standardized as a bonus).

Windows doesn't clean temp either, nor Internet Temporary files or anything.
Whenever it comes to be short on disk space, it notifies you about that and
asks to run the Disk Cleanup Wizard, and to do this, you have to be a system

I know that windows is far from being anyone's model here so, if you are
administrating a system you should be prepared to preform that task every
now and then. If you're not, the system will fail, the reset responce will
not work and you get a nice chance to learn about it.
And if you're one of those uptime maniacs, the bootscripts will never have
the chance to do the job for you. There's a chance to learn yet another
thing - cron jobs.

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